Corporate after dinner speaker

"The choice of Steve Nallon as the after dinner speaker was I think inspired and will certainly go down in my book as one of the most memorable ever."


"Pass on our thanks to Steve for his highly professional and yet extremely funny act. We had our best ever conference and this was topped off by a great after dinner speaker."


"Steve is a first-class act. His impressions were excellent. 10 out of 10!."


"Everyone said how much they enjoyed your after dinner speech. I had a few phone calls saying how much they enjoyed the evening but you were certainly the highlight.."


Steve Nallon's after dinner speech is unique, very funny and highly entertaining. He calls it his Guide Round the World of the Impressionist.

Steve's vast and ever growing repertoire ensures there is something for everyone, from sporting celebrities such as David Beckham and Frankie Dettori to the television personalities Alan Carr, Johnny Vegas, Dara O'Briain, Anne Robinson, Julian Clary, Ozzy Osbourne, Graham Norton and Russell Brand.

Not forgetting the movies, including such stars as Robin Williams, Kevin Spacy, Michael Caine, Barbra Streisand, Woody Allen, the HARRY POTTER professors McGonagall and Snape (Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman) plus Ian McKellen, who makes a guest appearance as 'Gandalf' from THE LORD OF THE RINGS promoting soap powder!

There is too a host of cartoon voices, from Homer Simpson and FAMILY GUY to Wallace and Gromit and WACKY RACES - even 'Yoda' and 'Kermit the Frog' join in - as well as a bunch of politicians, among them David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Ann Widdecombe and the unforgettable SPITTING IMAGE Margaret Thatcher.

And on top of all that there's the added bonus of some classic sit-com favourites such as 'Margot' from THE GOOD LIFE, 'Rigsby' from RISING DAMP, 'Del Boy' from ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES and 'Basil and Sybil' from FAWLTY TOWERS. And many, many more.

Liaising with the client, Steve is happy to be involved in the writing of the script, personalizing it to include well-known individuals and topical company references.

Corporate awards host

"The event was definitely a great success, our clients were really pleased with how everything went - they couldn't stop smiling by the end! I think the fact that we had Steve there made all the difference to the event. Looking round I could see the mood really changed when he came on the stage - he made the awards so much more light-hearted than they would otherwise have been - it was exactly how we wanted the atmosphere to be."


"Thank you for being part of a very successful Harlow Business Awards. Feedback from guests has been fantastic. Your clever impersonations and extremely funny introduction to the awards went down very well with all who attended. Thanks you again for helping to make the night a very special one."


"The evening was fantastic! A great success! Steve was everything you said - a real star and a true professional. From the moment we had spoken I knew I was in good hands."


"'Thank you' for all your help and hard work at the Awards Awards. It was a real pleasure to work with you, and I hope that you felt it was a success. The feedback we have received on the Awards Awards is definitely very positive, so once again a big 'thank you', and we hope to have an opportunity to work with you again."


Steve Nallon is a unique, amusing and highly entertaining MC and Awards Host. Not only do you have a great choice of actual 'hosts' - perhaps Hollywood style with Robin Williams or more iconically British with, say, Graham Norton - Steve's remarkable range of voices means that with every award you can have a different celebrity presenter!

Be it 'Best New Product', 'Best Region' or 'Best Sales Manager' there is a wide ranging number of characters and celebrities to choose from. That famous line "And the winner is..." can be delivered by Alan Carr, Anne Robinson, Johnny Vegas or perhaps Homer Simpson, Gandalf, Julie Walters, David Cameron, Kevin Spacy, Julian Clary, Ozzy Osbourne, Russell Brand, Woody Allen - and even Bugs Bunny and Wallace and Gromit - plus many, many more!

Steve's writing skills ensure that each script is tailored to the in-house needs of the client, personalising it to include well-known individuals and topical company references.

Corporate video and presenter

"Steve was excellent, but we have used him before and we knew he would be. He lifted the graveyard slot at the end of the seminar and made everyone laugh. 10 out of 10!."


"Steve Nallon went down really well at our conference and the whole thing was pitched absolutely right for our audience."


"Excellent. Very amusing... well tailored to the event. Steve was a complete professional and a pleasure to meet."


"Your talent, professionalism, creativeness and hard work in anchoring the show undoubtedly ensured its outstanding success."


Steve Nallon is an excellent and experienced daytime conference host, with numerous characters both serious and comic to drive those lengthy morning and afternoon sessions entertainingly along. Combining his broadcasting and impressionist skills Steve has not only hosted a great many conferences, but also interviewed top management teams in question-and-answer sessions as a whole array of 'inquisitors', ranging from Graham Norton and Anne Robinson to Michael Parkinson and Dame Edna Everage. Steve has even presented a specially written 'Mastermind' parody for a company award conference event!

With the ability not only to sound like celebrities but look like them too, Steve has fronted and presented many and various corporate videos 'in character'. He has also provided voice-overs for numerous presentations and commentaries, using many personality voices ranging from David Attenborough and Murray Walker to Brian Sewell and Peter O'Sullevan - plus various styles such as Pathé News and sports. Often Steve can come up with the perfect sounding voice for even the most specific of corporate needs - a notable example once being creating the voice of a talking acid stomach!


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