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"Nallon is brilliant. It's not just the voice that is uncanny, the walk, the glare, every gesture brings her back to life." **** David Lister, THE INDEPENDENT

"Powerful, superbly-acted backstage political drama... Steve Nallon's Thatcher-in-drag gives her an imposing, larger-than-life quality that's appropriately severe" **** Mark Shenton, THE STAGE

"Nallon's dignified performance subtly evokes Thatcher's formidably cultivated emotional isolation and remorseless grip on the men around her. Even when Nallon isn't on stage, you can taste in the air Thatcher's extraordinary, icy power." Claire Allfree, THE TELEGRAPH

"Having Nallon on stage is about as close to the real thing as you can get. The voice of Thatcher on SPITTING IMAGE for many years, Nallon long ago nailed her soft-voiced deadliness. Here he adds in a shuffling dignity and supreme watchfulness. Demoting Howe, Thatcher's nostrils flare with don't-mess-with-me fury, and her power is tangible without ever being caricature ... The longer DEAD SHEEP goes on, though, the better it savages. 'One does yearn for recognition, not recrimination,' says Wilby's Howe as he edges towards getting his own back on the leader whom he insists he does not hate. Wibly and Nallon excel in his resignation meeting, the words unspoken between them speaking loudest of all." Dominic Maxwell, THE TIMES

"Steve Nallon (SPITTING IMAGE'S voice of Maggie) constructs a lurching figure in periwinkle eye shadow, speaking with velveteen condescension and a basilisk glare. It's a memorable kabuki of authority." David Jays, THE SUNDAY TIMES

"Nallon's bruising portrait... his performance is a gruesome joy - a vision of vulgar evil, incapable of reflection or evolution, doomed to die in battle." Stewart Pringle, TIME OUT

"Steve Nallon's Thatcher catches exactly her voice and intonations... he manages the gestures, the posture, the stride, and that deathly stare... he assimilates her various emotional stages from her ruthless camouflage in phony courtesy to her detachment from the surrounding realities." **** Blanche Marvin, THEATRE REVIEWS

"Anyone who doubts Thatcher's chilling power will be convinced by Steve Nallon's terrifying recreation of the UK's only female Prime Minister... his complete inhabitation of her person is extraordinary. The walk, the sneer, the rhythm of speech, the tones of voices, the impassive cruelty in service of the will to power - it's all there, raised from the grave, back burning as brightly as ever... Nallon gives her that power and just because he's been doing it for years, it doesn't diminish the power of his acting at all." Gary Naylor, BROADWAY WORLD

"Steve Nallon, Thatcher's voice on SPITTING IMAGE, plays the prime minister... exactly replicating her mannerisms" Michael Billington, THE GUARDIAN

"The Iron Lady (former SPITTING IMAGE impressionist Steve Nallon) glides icily around the political arena... Nallon's voice is, as expected, spot on; the two syllables of "Geoffrey" begin to drip with condescension as Howe and Thatcher clash increasingly over Europe." Fiona Mountford, THE STANDARD

"As for the casting of Steve Nallon as Thatcher, it is unexpectedly effective... Sir Stephen Wall, from Howe's original staff saw it on press night and said "Terrific! ... a brilliant job at being true to the character of the main protagonists ...characterisation of MT was spot on: gimlet-eyed and terrifying but also with a kind and vulnerable side." **** Libby Purves, THEATRE CAT

"Thatcher is played by Steve Nallon, famous for voicing the Thatcher puppet on TV's satiric SPITTING IMAGE. Here he plays her straight without campiness and is quite as good as Meryl Streep was as THE IRON LADY." Andy Humm, CITY GAY

"Steve Nallon is solidly arch as the PM, his time sending her up on SPITTING IMAGE makes him safe hands, fair to say the wobble-walk is still perfection." Amy Smith, CAMDEN REVIEW

"... the brilliant Steve Nallon as Mrs Thatcher" Shyam Perera, MONKEY MATTERS THEATRE REVIEWS

"Nallon's portrayal of Thatcher is as intricate and well-researched as it gets. His physique adds to her intrinsic level of power, without the necessity for over-played feminism. Everything from her voice, down to her walk was sculpted and completely humanised by Nallon." Rebecca Jones, A YOUNGER THEATRE

"Nallon brilliantly delivers the familiar voice, whether purring insidiously or declaiming loudly (the play begins with her instantly recognisable "No! No! No!"). Go on, close your eyes and the voice alone will transport you back in time." Aleks Sierz, TRIBUNE

"... played with an uncanny presence by Steve Nallon" David Winskill, ISLINGTON GAZETTE

"The excellent performances sustain the production... Steve Nallon who conveyed masterfully Thatcher's gimlet eye and intractable personality." Katerina Yannouli, PLAYS TO SEE

"Steve Nallon's portrayal of Margaret Thatcher is quite something; the detail really is remarkable and after the first scene I forgot I was watching a man playing our first female Prime Minister." **** Andrew Tomlins, WEST END FRAME

"Steve Nallon's gimlet-eyed Thatcher, coldly polite in her insistence on toeing her line... Nallon has plenty of experience in the character (including being her voice for SPITTING IMAGE) and gets her just right. His masculine bulk and heavier gait just gives him larger life than those around her." Howard Loxton, BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE

"Nallon, of course, nails it vocally as the PM" ***** Anne Cox, LONDON WEST END

"Steve Nallon's Thatcher - the rigid arms, rolling head and lurching stride, like a galleon powering through choppy waters - this is not a winking, drag-act imitation, but perfectly modulated channelling, from the timbre of voice at different stages of life to the ruthlessness and fatal detachment building beneath artificial courtesy. As with Bertie Carvel's Trunchbull, masculine physique demonstrates indomitable strength, leaving Nallon free to communicate a terrifyingly subtle form of sadism. The Medusa stare is unforgettable." Marianka Swain, THE ARTS DESK

"Steve Nallon was the caricature voice of Thatcher in the SPITTING IMAGE satirical puppet show, but here he plays her as naturalistically as possible... with the masculine frame and presence which enhances her dominance of the men in her entourage. His performance is easily the equal of Fenella Woolgar in HANDBAGGED or Haydn Gwynne in THE AUDIENCE." Johnny Fox, THE LONDONIST

"Steve Nallon as Thatcher herself... has the gorgonesque side down to a, well, Mrs T: he's big and bulky, like a wind-up galleon, and he sort of totters as he walks, pinching mouth and eyes into a pout of fury and condescension at once." Michael Coveney, WHAT'S ON STAGE

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