Opening with Ann Widdecombe, Yoda and Gandalf

Opening routine - Ann Widdecombe, Yoda and Ian McKellen selling soap powder as Lord Gandalf.

Rehearsing at Home with Kevin Spacey

Meeting Kevin Spacey and rehearing and practising voices at home.

Barbra Streisand Love Duet

Barbra Streisand duets with... you'll just have to watch!


Watching DUMBO - plus WALLACE AND GROMIT get 'chem friendly'.

Alan Bennett and Patricia Routledge

Posh literary porno from Alan Bennett performed by Patricia Routledge.

Creating Fozzie Bear from Homer Simpson and Darth Vader.

Creating Fozzie Bear from Darth Vader and Homer Simpson. Plus Kermit the Frog and an existential Woody

The Weather Forecast from Mr Kenneth Williams.

Kenneth Williams gives us tomorrow's Weather Forecast.

BIG BROTHER Routine from 2004.

Sitcom version of BIG BROTHER with Hyacinth Bucket, Del Boy, Rigsby, plus Basil and Sybil Fawlty. Special guest star,

1991 - Julie Andrews to Margaret Thatcher to Wicked Witch of the West.

Turning Julie Andrews into Margaret Thatcher and Margaret Thatcher into the Wicked Witch of the West.

Pam Ayres to Judy Garland via Gracie Fields from 1991 Archive.

Strangulated Voices routine - Pam Ayres to Judy Garland via Gracie Fields. Plus an odd appearance from Walter Gabriel

TV Surfing Routine from 1991 and the Weather Forecast.

TV Surfing Routine with lots of switching of voices, including Leonard Rossiter, David Coleman and Patrick Moore. Plus


As a teenager, Steve Nallon created a comedy impressionist act that led to Steve becoming one of the youngest performers on the northern Working Men's Clubs Circuit. For five years between 1976 and 1980 performed on stages all over Yorkshire and beyond. 'Clubland', as it was known, may no longer exist as it did back then, but Steve remembers well many of the venues he performed in, including Swarcliffe Working Men's Club, Newton Aycliffe Trades and Labour Club, Pudsey West End Working Men's Club, The Railway Club, The Co-operative and Riffle Club plus the cabaret venues The Talk of Yorkshire and Fanny's Night Club in Great Yarmouth. University brought these early ventures into stand-up to an end, but in the 2000s Steve returned to gigging with an up-to-date and brilliantly razor-sharp comedy set that became a regular part of line-ups at top comedy club venues in London such as Comedy Camp, The Covent Garden Comedy Club, The Chuckle Club, Comedy Soho-ho, BrouHaHa, The Comedy Café, Downstairs at the Kings Head, Hampstead Comedy Club, Monkey Business and many others across the UK. Part of Steve's stand-up act was recorded for the cult comedy series THE DAN AND DUSTY SHOW on ITV and this was broadcast in 2004.