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You could say that Steve Nallon's 'Thatcher Years' truly began in the 1970s when Steve created a comedy impressionist act which he performed on the northern Working Men's Club Circuit in and around his native Yorkshire and those years continued during his time at university in the early 80s when Steve took several shows to the Edinburgh Fringe that featured the now Prime Minister in full costume. Reviews from these shows led to Steve auditioning for a new television show called SPITTING IMAGE, where he was offered the job of voice artist show on the spot. In the 1980s, Steve's Margaret Thatcher became known, as THE TIMES put it, "the industry standard," and he was often seen as the Prime Minister on such show as THE NEW STATESMAN (ITV) with Rik Mayall, THE MIKE YARWOOD SHOW (ITV), SATURDAY LIVE (C4), THE RORY BREMNER SHOW (BBC), plus many, many more. Even today Steve is often called upon to voice the former PM when it is not possible to access original archive and credits here include the Mark Strong move thriller 6 DAYS and the cult film comedy EAT LOCALS. Steve has also made several stage appearances as Margaret Thatcher, including the political drama DEAD SHEEP and the satirical comedy THE LAST TEMPTATION OF BORIS JOHNSON, both of which were produced by the Park Theatre in north London.


Steve Nallon appeared as Margaret Thatcher in numerous popular TV series throughout the 1980s and beyond, including NOW SOMETHING ELSE (BBC), THE ROLAND RAT SHOW (BBC), GOOD MORNING BRITAIN (TV-AM), THE TOM O'CONNOR ROADSHOW (BBC), THE LITTLE AND LARGE SHOW (BBC), THE TROUBLE WITH JOAN COLLINS (ITV), BULLSEYE (ITV), THE RORY BREMNER SHOW (BBC), THE BIG BREAKFAST (C4), NEWSNIGHT (BBC), CINDERELLA - THE SHOE MUST GO ON (ITV), THIS MORNING (ITV), WOGAN (BBC), TEN GLORIOUS YEARS (BBC), BEN ELTON - THE MAN FROM AUNTIE (BBC), JUKE BOX JURY (BBC), THE BOBBY DAVRO SHOW (ITV), THE KRYPTON FACTOR (ITV), THAT'S LIFE! (BBC), PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE (BBC), THE HAPPENING (SKY), COMIC RELIEF (BBC), CHILDREN IN NEED (BBC), and the US series BAD GIRLS: REBELS WITH A CAUSE. Steve was featured in the film DREAMING (BBC Screen One) as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher alongside comedian Billy Connolly, plus he made special appearances in the stage shows THE SECRET POLICEMAN'S THIRD BALL and THE SECRET POLICEMAN'S BIGGEST BALL. Steve sang "My Favourite Things" as Margaret Thatcher and performed Prokofiev's PETER AND THE WOLF as 'MAGGIE' AND THE WOLF with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra conducted by Carl Davis. He also appeared at a special Charity Gala at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, again conducted by Carl Davis. Steve's more recent appearances as Lady Thatcher have been in the short film THATCHER FROM HELL! directed by Roger Law which was shown at the British Film Institute (BFI) to great acclaim. He has also 'guested' as Lady Thatcher on THE WEAKEST LINK (BBC) and THE ALAN TITCHMARSH SHOW (ITV).

Use of Parliamentary recordings is strictly limited and so when the producers of 6 DAYS, the Mark Strong movie telling the story of the SAS raid on the Iranian Embassy, needed a speech that Mrs Thatcher had given in Parliament, they turned to Steve. He also voiced some well known quotations of the former Prime Minster in the cult comedy horror movie EAT LOCALS. For many years, Steve recreated Thatcher for the BBC's UK CONFIDENTIAL series, an annual radio documentary featuring dramatic reconstructions of the British Cabinet papers released under the thirty (now twenty) year rule. Steve has also played the former Prime Minister opposite Toby Jones in the BBC radio political drama series THE CORRUPTED, adapted from the best selling GF Newman novels. Steve is as well often asked to contribute to TV programmes and documentaries analysing the style, voice and politics of Margaret Thatcher and these have included WORLD IN ACTION (ITV), THE SOUTH BANK SHOW (ITV), THE DAY SHE WENT (BBC) and the HBO History Channel series THE SECRETS OF BODY LANGUAGE.

In 2020, SPITTING IMAGE was revamped for a new generation on BritBox and ITV. A séance sketch came in with Boris Johnson trying to summon up the spirit of Churchill, only for it all to go wrong and have Boris taken over by the ghost of Margaret Thatcher. Not surprisingly, Steve was asked to reprise his iconic impression of the former Prime Minister. Yes, indeed, the Lady was for Returning. And The Thatcher Years go on and on and on...

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The Thatcher Years Covers The Thatcher Years Covers