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- Changing Identity
- Death
- Social Class Distinctions
- Rule and Misrule
- Language
- Meaning in Dreams, Nonsense and Puzzles
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'Lewis Carroll'
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Directed by Carolyn Scott-Jeffs

"One of the most magical retelling you will see of Lewis Carroll's surreal classic."
The Stage

5 stars

Winner: Best Comedy - Buxton Festival Fringe

Welcome to Steve Nallon's Adventures in Wonderland. Join top mimic, actor and comedian Steve Nallon as he invites you to follow Alice 'down the rabbit hole' into his own contemporary Wonderland fantasy.

Steve Nallon's one-man show is a comic re-invention of Lewis Carroll's classic tale of Alice and the oddball characters she meets in her Wonderland. The actor and impressionist brings a unique modern twist to Alice's surreal adventures with his remarkable 'cast' of voices, including Robin Williams as the frantic White Rabbit, Tony Blair as the grinning Cheshire Cat, Homer Simpson as the philosophical Caterpillar, Ann Widdecombe as the moralizing Duchess, David Beckham as the sleepy Dormouse - and many, many more. The show takes all the zany quirkiness of Lewis Carroll - the humorous plays on words, the backward thinking, the celebration of misrule, the strange logic of nonsense - and re-presents the tale as a modern fable reflecting today's mad world of culture, politics, celebrity and sport.

ace of clubs